Advanced Payroll Software & HR Solution at Affordable Price (Only ₹1 per Day/User)

Spryple is a budget-friendly HR Information System designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It is built with an advanced face-detection attendance management system powered by Artificial Intelligence. The key benefits are:

Best Payroll Software for Small and Medium Companies

As SMEs grow and expand their workforce, payroll processing can become increasingly complex. Spryple simplifies payroll management with configurable pay cycles, salary components, reimbursements, deductions, and other features.

Employees can count on automated salary disbursal for accurate and on-time payments. Spryple also handles statutory compliance, which includes PF, ESI, TDS, and other requirements. 

Effortless Attendance Management with Spryple Mobile App

For HR departments, tracking daily employee attendance is a monotonous task that consumes valuable time. Spryple offers a revolutionary attendance management solution through its AI-powered mobile app.
The app uses advanced facial recognition technology to enable contactless attendance marking. Employees only need to focus on the camera of their phone for two to three seconds for their attendance to be recorded quickly and accurately.

Powerful Analytics and Reports for Quick HR Decisions

With analytics and insights into key payroll metrics, HR can make data-driven decisions on improving efficiency.

Spryple comes packed with insightful data and reports across attendance, leaves, payroll, assets, and more. Key metrics on absenteeism, overtime, salary expenses, and other requirements help managers make quick data-backed decisions on HR policies and processes.

Fully Automate Payroll Management, Payroll Process & Salary Processing

Managing payroll manually is tedious, time-consuming, and prone to mistakes. Spryple Payroll solution makes the entire payroll process effortless and smooth.

This automation eliminates manual tasks, ensures accurate payroll and timely salary processing.

Cloud Payroll System Meeting Statutory Compliance Requirements

Spryple ensures full compliance with all relevant labour laws and statutory regulations for SMEs. Key features for compliance include:
Relying on Spryple eliminates payroll and compliance risks for SMEs.

Core Modules of Spryple HRMS

Employee Management

Efficiently manage leave, enabling policy formulation, allocation, request approval, and real-time management notifications for managers.

Payroll Management

Fully automated salary processing with statutory compliance and deductions such as Income tax, PF, ESI. Also, manage configurable pay cycles.

Attendance Management

AI-based Facial recognition attendance allows contactless time tracking. The attendance system is also integrated with the biometric device.

Leave Management

Create leave policies, allocate leaves, approve/reject leave requests and track balances easily. Managers get notifications on pending requests.

Exit Management

Simplify the offboarding process by defining exit procedures, scheduling exit interviews, processing final payments, and tracking exit-related documents.

Time Sheet Management

Manage timesheets for employees, wage workers, contractors, and consultants. Track hours worked on a daily or project basis to process payroll faster and accurately.

Works for Businesses of All Sizes

The online payroll software is crafted for businesses of all sizes including startups and SMEs. Remote management is ensured by mobile access and Cloud-based systems. Spryple is equipped with a very effective workflow management system that helps any business to perform its daily activities without encountering any challenges.

Some of the Companies currently using Spryple HRMS

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Mrs. Yuhana Hassan

Associate Vice President – Strategic Planning & Business Expansion
With almost a decade of distinguished experience in senior business management, she brings a wealth of expertise in overseeing different divisions within the IT sector. Known for her strategic thinking and deep understanding of global market trends, she has successfully expanded businesses across vibrant markets in South East Asia and the Middle East. As a leader, she has led efforts in brand development and strategic planning, driving organizational growth and positioning the company as a market leader. Beyond her strategic role, her dynamic leadership style and unwavering commitment to excellence continuously boost our company’s performance.

Mr. G. S. Prasad

Lead Technical Architect
With over 20 years of experience in the IT and services industry, he has cultivated his skills as both a Senior Project Manager and Technical Architect. His expertise spans Java, JavaScript, SQL Server, and MySQL programming, and he’s successfully managed projects across the Banking, Finance, and Insurance domains. His priority is always ensuring successful project delivery and exceeding client expectations, whether in India, North America, or the APAC regions.

Chandra Babu T

Sr. Vice President – Sales, Product and IT Operations
With over 20 years of experience in program, product, delivery, and process management, he had a diverse career in IT. Starting out as a Java developer, he held roles at Birlasoft and Unisys Global Services, working on notable projects like GE Money and Angola National ID. Currently, he serves as Senior VP of Sales and Product Management, where he leads IT operations.

Mrs. Manju Diyya

Vice President – Tech
She is a versatile professional with a robust educational foundation spanning both the realms of chemical engineering and physical sciences. She holds degrees from esteemed institutions such as JNTU for Chemical Engineering and Osmania University for Physical Sciences. Additionally, she has expanded her expertise by earning a certification in Data Science from Intellipaat in collaboration with IIT, Chennai. With a solid background in both academia and practical application, she demonstrates a profound understanding of data science, particularly in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). She is a dynamic individual characterized by her analytical mindset and a proven ability to drive meaningful outcomes through data-driven methodologies.

Mr. Sriganesh Sivasubramanian

Sr. Vice President – SPRYPLE HR
With over 35 years of diverse experience in Business Development, Global Mobility, and Organizational Development, he has successfully set up global deployment processes and provided strategic guidance to businesses. He lives by the belief that “The gull sees farthest who flies highest” by Richard Bach.

Sree Lahari Raavi

She is responsible for planning, organizing, and executing all IT functions in Hyderabad. This means overseeing IT operations to meet customer needs, supporting and maintaining existing applications, and developing new technical solutions.

Mr. Venkateswarlu Boora

Founder SPRYPLE HR | CEO Sreeb Technologies | Director Devorks | Director Talent Waves | Director SREVES Digital
As a visionary Founder and Managing Director, he brings over 25 years of trailblazing experience in the realm of Information Technology and Solutions Architecture. With a dynamic portfolio spanning Banking, Insurance, Telecom, and Healthcare sectors, he has managed groundbreaking IT projects that have left an unforgettable mark on clients across North America, the Asia Pacific, Europe, and beyond. In his multifaceted journey, he has effortlessly navigated roles as a Tech Lead, Pre-Sales Guru, Delivery Maestro, and Solution Whisperer, leveraging his expertise to steer teams towards unparalleled success. From System Integration to Application Maintenance and Testing, he has masterfully supervised projects across a set of advanced technologies including Mainframe, Java, Informatica, .NET, and WebSphere. As a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), he is driven by an insatiable quest for innovation and excellence, constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver solutions that redefine industry standards. As the leader of their tech company in India, he is committed to designing a course towards a future where technology transcends limits and empowers businesses to succeed in the digital age.